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IV Vitamin Therapy helps jumpstart muscle, tissue and stress recovery with a concentration of high dose amino acids, anti-oxidants, and vitamins directly into your blood stream.


We began in 2014, as an idea of brainstorming Emergency Physicians and Providers who took a concept we saw from treating ailments of the critically ill, intoxicated, and health deficient to a new era of modern medical care. For years we have treated those that are vitamin and nutrient deficient, with various IV therapies to slow down or reverse effects on their mental and physical health. Our humble practice took this idea of this treatment after damage due to these poor lifestyle and health choices, to the preventative practice of optimizing health and wellness by giving your body the much needed nutrients that prevent damage or decrease brain function or physical performance. In a short period of time we have become recognized globally as the number one searched IV Vitamin Drip Therapy and Regenerative Center. We have gained the patronage of many high profile celebrities, executives, and patients alike. Our true successes have come from the happiness of our patients, who have regained their health and life back from autoimmune disorders, cancers and other chronic illnesses. Results are seen from weight loss, increased mental focus, and improved natural physical energy. Our rapid growth in our first 18 months of conception has led us from our first regenerative center to 3 locations and a Franchise Headquarters overseeing 100 location expansion interests per month from across the world.


Our mission is to help you look and feel your best!

JAMILA SOZAHDAHCEO - Physician Assistant

Jamila Sozahdah is the Co-founder of Drip Doctors and Board Certified Physician Assistant through the NCCPA. She currently practices in Emergency Medicine, Dermatology and specializes in IV Vitamin Therapy and Cosmetic Enhancements. Her passion combined with her vast knowledge of the human body and behavior, allows her to help people maintain excellent health, vitality and optimal function of the mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Anthony H. HoMedical Director DTLA

Dr. Anthony Ho is the co-founder and Medical Director of Drip Doctors. He is Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine and is also a Diplomate of Anti-Aging. As a result of working in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Ho observed that IV Vitamin Therapy significantly increased the recovery of severely ill, dehydrated and heavily intoxicated patients.

Dr. Minesh IV Therapy
DR. Minesh AminMedical Director Las Vegas

Dr. Amin is a Diplomate of Anti-Aging and an experienced Board Certified physician specializing in Internal Medicine. For the past 5 years, he has served as a hospitalist and internist in Las Vegas. He is well known and respected in the community at various hospitals, primary care facilities, and the Chamber Of Commerce.

Everyone desires a long and healthy life. Regardless of these desires, some situations and conditions arise hence requiring the individual to seek options to improve health. With IV Vitamin Therapy, individuals no longer have to worry about swallowing vitamin tablets or capsules. IV Vitamin Therapy has become an increasingly popular trend across the world for a number of reasons. From celebrities who seek optimal health and well-being, to patients undergoing chemotherapy who look forward to a peaceful recovery process, this therapy has been recommended for everyone with a desire to live a longer and healthier life.



Our Mission is to Help You Look and Feel Your Best!