As part of the health and wellness movement, we strive to help patients reach their optimal physical and mental performance. We aid the growing culture of humanity that would like to take a proactive preventative approach to their health as opposed to the traditional model of prescription medications after you are diagnosed with disease of aging. Through IV vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormones, and aesthetics, we aim to restore and optimize your body’s natural balance to help you look and feel your best. Optimal vitamin and natural supplement support is essential in promoting proper DNA replication, immunity, methylation, reduce inflammation, and for disease prevention.


We have a established cash based business model, which is based on health and wellness promotion through preventative action. Unfortunately at this time with the nature of the Corporate Health Insurance controlled medical care in the United States, most treatments are not covered and require personal investments into health. Heath Saving Account Members and many individual companies health plans can apply there untaxed contributions towards our medical services. We help those that are healthy and underachieving in their fitness goals to get to their optimal health, prevent disease and disorders of aging. We do this through supplements, natural hormones and vitamins optimization. Our goal is to be a complete total health wellness clinic, which can provide you all the tools for anti-aging. We have targeted all drip formulas that have worked well for our growing patient population for different ailments and anti-aging benefits. From weight loss, to hormone optimization, our goal is to improve each person’s physical health, fitness, mental clarity, immunity, and sexual health.


We have 2 main clinic types : A complete health and wellness center that encompasses IV Drips, Vitamin Boosters, Anti-Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cosmetic Enhancements, to IV Drip boutiques, which solely focus on IV Vitamin Therapy, Hydration, and Vitamin Boosters. Our focus is to provide a retail clinic with skilled medical personnel concentrated on improving current health optimization and disease prevention.


DripDoctors strives to look for strategic franchise candidates who share the same passion in delivering to their communities such health and wellness services. We are seeking candidates to open locations in affluent Metropolitan areas with proper exposure. Franchisee processing will be discussed with franchising staff once proper financials of potential franchisee is obtained to support a franchise build out location upon acceptance of franchisee rights for a certain geographical location radius. Each potential DripDoctors location will be determined on a case-by-case basis. A development agent will be assigned to each candidate who will review all franchise limitations of each state and or country interested in opening a DripDoctors location.

Due to high level of interest, there is a slight delay in contact times. Completion and disclosures for interested franchisees will be available by early Summer 2017.


Franchisee will receive our support through extensive training curriculum, brand recognition, and owner assistance through our established model. We will have a development agent that will be your point of contact during the franchising review phase and to assist during setup off operations.


Each international franchisee will receive an opportunity to purchase rights for certain locations. Additional legal fees of $10,000.00 USD (not including already set standard franchise fees and royalties) will be applied for filing franchise laws for each country that DripDoctors does not currently hold rights to do business in.


Next Training Dates: May 15th, 2017.
Next Discovery Dates: May 8th, 2017; June 19th, 2017; August 28th, 2017.